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About Us


The Restaurant

Poinciana opened its doors in 2015 with brand new owner Seta Jaundoo. What had previously been the French restaurant 'La Belle Vie' was bought by the enterprising assistant Head Chef. The restuarant was renamed Poinciana after the beautiful flamboyant trees which dot our Caribbean paradise. Originally from Guyana, Seta has been on St.Kitts for over twenty years, and all of those years spent cooking in fine dining and luxury establishments. 

Every year for the winter season, Poinciana also hosts French chef Francois Grout, who returns to St.Kitts to cook with Seta and lend his culinary expertise to an already bustling kitchen. 


Poinciana is a family-owned restaurant with world-class dining standards, a warm and friendly atmosphere, and a passion for fantastic food. 


Our Kitchen

Poinciana's menu is a blend of international influences with French roots. The menu effortlessly melds Caribbean, French, and Italian cooking methods and designs into carefully balanced dishes. We aim to delight your tastebuds and feed your stomach.


Our restaurant is currently open for dinner service only and reservations are highly recommended.    

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